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How to Set From Name or the Sender's Name in Email for Google Form to Email Notification

The "From Name" or "Sender Name" is the name displayed in the recipient's email inbox. It differs from the email address or the sender's address and serves as an essential field providing you with the opportunity to promote your brand or establish a personal connection with your recipients.

Why it Matters

This optional field allows you to customize the sender's name associated with your email notifications. By providing a distinct "From Name," you enhance brand visibility and establish a recognizable presence in your recipients' inboxes. It's a small yet impactful way to leave a lasting impression.

Default Name from Gmail Account

If you choose not to provide any value in the "From Name" field, the default name associated with your Gmail account will be used. However, taking a moment to personalize this field can significantly improve the recognition and engagement of your email recipients.

Changing Sender's Name Associated with Your Email Address

If you wish to change the name associated with your email address, you can follow the instructions provided here. This gives you the flexibility to adapt your sender's name based on specific communication needs.

Leveraging Dynamic Form Field Expression Syntax

For advanced customization, you can leverage our dynamic form field expression syntax. This powerful feature automatically extracts values from specific form fields for each form response. This dynamic approach allows you to dynamically set the sender's name based on the respondent's input.

Important Note

While you can change the sender's name in the notification email to that of the respondent using the "From Name" field, it's important to note that it is not possible to set the "from" email address to that of the respondent.