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How to send personalized Email on Google Form Submit

Google Form Notify add-on facilitates quick and easy sending of personalized notifications upon respondents submitting your Google Forms.Unlock the full potential of your Google Forms with processors – the essential configurations that seamlessly deliver personalized email notifications when a form is submitted.

What is a Processor

Processor is essentially a configuration that stores all your choices on how to customize and send the email. Processors act as the backbone, streamlining your communication strategy by ensuring timely and customized emails reach both yourself and the form respondent.

Key Features of Processors:

Tailored Notifications:

Craft distinct email notifications with multiple processors, allowing you to send personalized content to both yourself and the respondent. This ensures that the right information reaches the right recipients effortlessly.

Google Form to Email:

Connect your Google Form to Email effortlessly with processors. Now, notifications are triggered seamlessly, transforming form submissions into actionable insights in your inbox.

Notify People Instantly:

With processors, notify people promptly upon form submission. Ensure that the relevant individuals are informed instantly, optimizing communication and response times.

Send Customized Emails:

Tailor your communication strategy by using processors to send customized emails. Whether it's a thank-you message to the respondent or a detailed notification to yourself, customization is at your fingertips.

Form to Email Notification:

Transform your Google Form into a powerful notification tool. Processors enable the seamless conversion of form responses into informative and actionable email notifications.

Enhance Your Email Communication:

Streamlined Workflow:

Processors offer a centralized hub for configuring email notifications, providing a streamlined workflow that simplifies the management of multiple communications.

Dynamic Content Delivery:

Send emails with dynamic content, ensuring that the information is relevant and personalized for both you and the form respondent. Dynamic content delivery enhances the impact of your communication.

Effortless Configuration:

The configuration process is straightforward, allowing you to set up processors effortlessly. Customize each processor to meet specific communication needs without hassle.

How to add a processor

Please follow the instructions here on how to add a new processor.