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How to customize Reply-To email address for Sending Email on Google Form Submit

When Email recipients reply to an Email, the default behavior is to send the reply to the same address from which the original Email was sent. However, the add-on understands that there are instances when you might want replies to be directed to a different Email address automatically.

Changing the Reply-To Address

To set a different Reply-to address, follow these simple instructions:

  1. While creating or editing a Processor, locate the "Show Advanced Fields" option.

    Click on "Show Advanced Fields":

  2. Access the Reply-To Address Field:

    Once in the advanced settings, you'll find the "Reply-to Address" field. This is an optional field.

  3. Set a Different Reply-to Address:

    Enter the desired Email address in the "Reply-to Address" field. This is the Email address to which replies will be directed.

Importance of Reply-To Address

The "Reply-to Address" field is optional, but it holds significance in scenarios where you want replies to be sent to a specific address other than the sender's. To set a different Reply-to address for your Gmail account, follow the instructions here.

When the Reply-To field is set from the add-on, it takes precedence over other settings in your Gmail account.

Why Set a Different Reply-To Address?

  • Customized Communication: Direct replies to the right department or individual for personalized communication.

  • Efficient Workflow: Ensure that responses are directed to the most relevant recipient for streamlined workflow management.

  • Flexibility and Control: Form Notify - Email Notifications puts you in control, allowing you to customize communication channels based on your unique requirements.

By setting a different Reply-to address, you enhance the flexibility and efficiency of your communication process through the add-on.