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How to Customize the Email Subject for Sending Email on Google Form Submit

With Send Email Notification add-on you can change the email subject dynamically and include the answers from form submission responses. The "Email Subject" field of the processor empowers you to customize the subject line of your email notifications. This simple yet powerful feature allows you to convey the essence of the form response right in the subject.

How to Configure Email Subject

Static and Dynamic Expressions:

The "Email Subject" field supports both static and dynamic form field expressions. This means you can set a fixed subject or dynamically generate it based on specific form responses.

Example Usage:

For instance, you can set a subject like "Google form {{ Form Name }} has a new response!!!" using dynamic form field expressions. When the email is sent, the add-on will automatically replace {{ Form Name }} with the actual form name, creating a personalized and informative subject line.

Customization for Impactful Communication

Essence of the Form Response:

Tailor your email subject to capture the essence of the form response. Make it informative, engaging, and relevant to ensure recipients quickly understand the nature of the notification.

Dynamic Substitutions:

Leverage dynamic form field expressions for dynamic substitutions that reflect the specific details of each form response. This personalization enhances the clarity and impact of your email subject.

Why Customize Email Subjects

Improved Recognition:

Customized email subjects improve the recognition of the email content, helping recipients quickly identify and prioritize their responses.

Enhanced User Experience:

A well-crafted subject line contributes to an enhanced user experience, making it easier for recipients to comprehend the significance of the email.