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Form Notify - Introduction

Form Email Notifications add-on enables automatic email notifications to be sent to one or more recipients immediately upon a respondent submitting your Google Form.

Discover the power of Form Notify - Email Notifications, to elevate your Google Forms experience. This versatile tool enables you to notify stakeholders through customized emails when specific conditions are met, efficiently detect and manage duplicates for strategic communication in trial periods, offers, and discounts. Moreover, Form Notify serves as a dynamic mail merge solution on form submission, allowing you to seamlessly generate certificates, invoices, newsletters, and various professional documents. With the added capability to control the opening and closing times of your forms based on time conditions and seamless integration with other apps, Form Notify emerges as a comprehensive solution for all your form-related needs.

Experience the efficiency of consolidating multiple add-ons into one with Form Notify. If you find yourself juggling between different tools for email notifications, duplicate management, mail merge, document generation, and form control, Form Notify simplifies your workflow.

Say goodbye to the complexities associated with using separate add-ons for each task – Form Notify streamlines these essential features into a user-friendly package, providing you with a unified solution to enhance and optimize your Google Forms usage.

Key Features

Notify or Confirm Through Email

  • Notify any recipient through rich HTML emails automatically.
  • Inform form respondents instantly upon form submission.
  • Configure and customize email notifications for form respondents and collaborators.
  • Send confirmation emails selectively based on specific conditions.
  • Detect duplicates independently of Google sign-in.
  • Resend past form responses effortlessly.
  • Configure multiple processors to send emails to different recipients.
  • Temporarily pause email notifications when needed.
  • Attach PDFs to your email notifications.
  • Add logos or images to the top of generated PDFs.
  • Use expressions to customize values based on form answers.
  • Embed QR codes in your email notifications.
  • Import and export your configured data.
  • Send quiz scores to parents as part of notifications.
  • Utilize it as a mail merge for small volume use cases.

Generate Documents

  • Generate pixel-perfect PDFs, including invoices, newsletters, certificates, and business letters.
  • Regenerate documents from past form responses.
  • Track generated documents within the attached response sheet.
  • Configure multiple workflows for generating different documents.
  • Temporarily pause document generation when necessary.
  • Share documents dynamically with customers, controlling various sharing options.
  • Send customized dynamic emails when sharing files.
  • Use expressions to customize values based on form answers.
  • Import and export workflows across forms.
  • Send quiz scores to parents or students as documents or PDFs.
  • Generate appreciation or participation certificates.
  • Embed any public image.
  • Embed images uploaded by form respondents, useful for generating documents with respondent acceptance signatures.

Form Controller

  • Limit form accessibility by opening and closing based on specific dates, times, or recurring time windows.

Integrate with Other Apps or Services

  • Notify everyone through configured web hooks and integrate with apps like Google Chat, Slack, Zapier, IFTTT, or other web services.
  • Send push notifications to users on phones.
  • Integrate with any app using HTTP REST.
  • Import and export web hooks.
  • Keep the form open during specific times.

Experience Efficiency, Simplicity, and Versatility

Instead of using multiple add-ons for specific tasks, Form Notify consolidates functionalities, providing a comprehensive solution for form-related notifications, document generation, form control, and app integration. Experience efficiency, simplicity, and versatility with Form Notify.

Get started today and elevate your Google Forms experience!