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Usage and License

You can check your usage and license details by visiting the "Usage and License" page from the add-on main menu.

Purchasing a License

Once you open "Usage and License," scroll down, and you should see available plans. Click on the appropriate plan to subscribe. This will take you to our payment partner's page, and you should be able to provide your card details and make the payment.

How soon can I use the application after the payment?

You can use the application as soon as the payment is successful. Make sure not to change the email id while making the payment.

How can I check the status after the payment?

After the successful payment, reopen the "Usage and License" page from the add-on main menu. You should see a license added with the status as "active." If this is still not present after a successful payment, wait for 5 to 10 minutes to see if this works. If you still do not see a license with an active status, please reach out to us.

Can you see my card details?

We do not store or cannot access your card details. Your card details are processed by our third-party partners in a secure way.

How do I cancel my subscription or update my Billing details such as Card?

If you have a valid license, then you will see a button "Manage Billing" on the usage-license page. Clicking the button will take you to a Stripe (our payment partner) page. Please follow the instructions and provide your email id (the email id you used for purchasing) and OTP you receive in the email id to log in. Once you log in successfully, you should be able to manage your subscription, update your card details, download your invoice or receipt.

Can I transfer the license to another user?

When you purchase a license ,it is automatically applied to the email id you provide during check out .Some times you may have provided a wrong email unintentionally. You can now transfer your license to the correct email on your own. To do so install the add-on under the email you provided during checkout if you have not installed it already. Go to the "Usage And License" menu from the add-on .You should see a "Transfer" button next to the license . Clicking the same brings up a dialog where you can provide the New Email where you want to transfer the license. Once you provide the New Email, the license will be transferred to the new Email automatically.

Please reach out to us if you face any error in the above process.


The License should be active and it should not be a special License assigned to you.

What if my payment fails during renewal?

We provide a 48-hour grace period during renewal.

Important Points

  • Do not purchase multiple licenses if you already have an active license.
  • Do not share your license with others or in public forums.
  • By default, the license will be assigned to the email id provided during payment. Do not change the email Id auto-populated during payment.