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How to Generate Certificate on Google Form submit

Form Notify - Email Notification add-on allows you to generate PDFs ,certificates and other professional documents.

You can either watch the embedded video or continue reading below .

What are workflows anyway?

Workflows are a set of activities that need to be executed in a predefined sequence to complete a process. For example, generating a pixel-perfect invoice or PDF, sending an email, or transferring data to another system when someone submits a form.

How to Create a Workflow

After installing the add-on, click on "Setup Workflows" to launch your Workflow window. From there, you can create a workflow by clicking on "Create Workflow."

Activities in Workflows

Currently, only one activity (Export Activity) can be created per workflow. This activity helps generate pixel-perfect PDFs, including invoices, newsletters, or any professional PDFs.

How does Export Activity work?

  1. Define Template: Define a template in a Google Doc where any dynamic parameters can be replaced through expressions supported by Form Notify.

Avoid special characters like curly braces {} in your form Question .Having them may not work if you use them in expression since expression itself is defined using them.

  1. Create Output Folder: Determine the folder where you want to create the PDFs when someone submits a form and create it accordingly. It's best to separate the template and output folders under a single parent folder.

  2. Design your Activity:

    • Select Template and Output Folder: Choose the template and output folder.
    • Subfolder: Optionally, create a subfolder per form using expressions like {{Form Name}}.
    • File Name: Define the name of the generated PDF using expressions. Make files unique with {{Form Name}}-{{Response Id}} or similar.
    • Sharing Options: Configure file sharing options.

Once configured, the workflow will execute automatically each time a form response comes in.

How to test a Workflow

Test the workflow execution from the "Replay Past responses" menu. Replay a response and verify that it generates the required PDF file in the configured output folder with the given sharing options.

Conditionally execute a workflow

Just like Emails can be sent based on certain dynamic conditions , workflow can also be executed if a certain condition satisfies.Please refer to Send emails on condition to learn more about conditions.

Embed Dynamic Image

You may need to embed an image uploaded by form respondents dynamically. Here's how:

  1. Folder Permission: Change the folder permission where uploaded images are stored to "Anyone with the link" and only Viewer.

  2. Embed Image Tag: Use the tag syntax {{ Embed Image, form field name / http image url, optional width, optional height }}.


  • {{ Embed Image, image }} - Form field question name for File Upload.
  • {{ Embed Image,, 60, 70 }} - Embed a static public image with width and height.
  • {{ Embed Image, image, , 250 }} - Adjust only the height.

Embed Bar Code

Follow the below instructions for generating Bar code .

Basic Format to be used inside Template Document =Barcode(data)


Use the formula in a completely separate Paragraph without any text.

Examples: =Barcode(abc124n56) , =Barcode({{Form Field}})

The above formula by default uses code 128 Format and should satisfy most of the requirements if you do not have a special barcode format requirement .

Full List of Parameters to customize

=Barcode(<data>, type=code128 ,barWidth=1, barHeight=50,showHRI=true ,bgColor=#FFFFFF,color=#000000,fontSize=10)

  • Use barWidth and barHeight to customize the width and height of bars .Default value for barWidth is 1 and barHeight is 50

  • You can specify the type of barcode you want to generate using the type param .The default value is code128.As of now values supported for type are one of code128, ean13,ean8,code39,upc

Pausing Workflow

Pause a workflow from the workflow main page. You can also delete a workflow.

Tracking Generated Documents

If the form has a Google Sheet for responses, the same sheet will be updated with a document link against each response.

We're excited to introduce this new concept and will be adding many more features under the workflow in the future. Reach out to us for further info!