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Form Notify - Email Notifications on Google Forms

Send personalized Email Notifications to respondents and others on every Google form submit

How Email Notification works in Google form

Install add-on

Streamline your Google Forms experience by installing the add-on directly from the Google Store.
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Setup processors

Utilize advanced templating, static, and dynamic expressions to configure processors that cater to your specific needs.

Send Automated Email

Be it notification or emails, stay connected with your audience by sending personalized messages with ease for every form submit.
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Top features of Google Form to Email Notifications

Recipient Fields

Configure Recipient Fields

You can configure TO ,CC and BCC fields for sending Email .You can configure multiple Email ids separated by comma .These fields also support dynamic expressions .

Configure Email subject and body

You can configure Email Subject and Body .The email body when sent will be exactly the same as it's shown in the template design.

Configure Email subject and body
Conditional Email

Send email when a condition satisfies

You can can use the form responses to evaluate whether to send an email or not .You can send different emails and contents based on the response to form questions.You can detect if a particular form submission is duplicate or not.

Embed QR Code or Bar Code in Email Body

You can Embed a coloured QRCode or bar code inside your Email body

Embed QR Code
Attach PDF

Attach PDF in Email

When the email is sent you can attach a PDF with all the answered responses and can customise the pdf file name.

Temporarily stop sending Email

You can temporarily pause a Processor and exclude it from sending notification.

Recipient Fields
Open Close form at specific Times

Open or Close Form at specific times

You can open or close a form recurringly at specific times based on your requirement

Generate Ceritificates and Documents

You can Generate Certificates ,Invoices , News Letters , Business Letters or professional Documents.

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