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How to Set From Email or Sender's Email Address for Sending Email on Google Form Submit

The Google Forms Notify add-on allows you send emails from another Gmail or non-Gmail address within your original Gmail account by seamlessly integrating multiple aliases or other Gmail addresses associated with your original Gmail account.

How to Use Multiple Aliases or Gmail Addresses

Adding Aliases:

Discover the process of adding aliases or other Gmail addresses to your original Gmail account here. This feature allows you to send emails from various addresses within the same Gmail account.

Configure From Email in Form Email Notifications

Automatic Alias Population:

The add-on simplifies the process by automatically populating all your aliases. When configuring the "From Email" field, you'll find a dropdown that allows you to select the specific email address you want to use for sending emails.

Selecting From Email:

By choosing the right email address from the "From Email" dropdown, you can specify which alias or additional Gmail address to use while sending email notifications.

Optional Field with Default Gmail Settings

No Set? Use Default:

The "From Email" field is optional. If not set, your default Gmail settings will be used for sending email notifications. This ensures a seamless experience, especially if you have a preferred default sender.

When to Use Different Sender's Email

This feature is particularly helpful when the person managing the form is different from the person who owns the form. Additionally, you might find it useful to change the sender's email when you've created a Google Form under your personal Google Account but wish to send emails on behalf of your work or university email account.

Experience Flexibility and Convenience

Enhance the flexibility and convenience of your email notifications by customizing the sender's email address based on your specific needs.