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How to Import or Export Form to Email Notification Data

When you want to reuse or slightly modify a processor from one Google Form ("A") to another Google Form ("B"), you can use the import and export option. This is particularly helpful if you have a processor named "Acknowledgement" in Form "A" and want to set up a similar processor in Form "B."

Export Processor

  1. Open the "Setup Processors" sidebar from the main menu for Form "A."

  2. On the specified processor (e.g., "Acknowledgement"), you'll find an Export button.

Export Processor Button

  1. Clicking on the Export option will launch a new window displaying the processor configuration. Export Processor Window

  2. Copy the entire text by clicking the "Copy" button. If automatic copy fails, you can manually copy the entire text.

Import Processor

  1. Open or create a new processor in Form "B."

  2. In the Processor window, either while editing an existing processor or adding a new one, find and click the "Import" button.

  3. An additional area will appear. Paste the copied text into this area and click "Apply." Import Processor Window

  4. This should populate all the fields based on your source processor.

  5. Save the processor to create or update it accordingly.

Now, you've successfully imported the processor configuration from Form "A" to Form "B."