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How to embed QRCode And Bar Code in email for Google form to Email Notification

With Google Form Notify you can embed a QR Code or Bar Code to your email body .QR Codes are useful when people can use their smart phones to directly open a link .

QR Code

You can create a basic QR Code by including =QRCode( static or dynamic link or data goes here) in Email body template inside Processor. For example =QRCode( will generate the following.

Default QR Code


Please note the default background (white) and foreground (black) colour in the above image.

You can customise the colour of the default QR Code by including hexcolor(background color,foreground color) .For example the following QRCode is generated with =QRCode( hexcolor(#9942f5,#ffffff) ) .Only hex colour codes can be used .You can use google colour picker or any other color picker to generate your hex colour codes.

Custom QR Code

  • Always use contrasting colours while opting for coloured QRCodes.
  • Test generated QRCodes from multiple devices before distributing them.
  • You can also use expressions such as =QRCode( {{ Response Edit Url}} ) to generate QRCode.

Bar Code

Follow the below instructions for generating Bar code inside Email body of a processor.

Basic Format =Barcode(data)

Examples: =Barcode(abc124n56) , =Barcode({{Form Field}})

The above formula by default uses code 128 Format and should satisfy most of the requirements if you do not have a special barcode format requirement .

Full List of Parameters to customize

=Barcode(<data>, type=code128 ,barWidth=1, barHeight=50,showHRI=true ,bgColor=#FFFFFF,color=#000000,fontSize=10)

  • Use barWidth and barHeight to customize the width and height of bars .Default value for barWidth is 1 and barHeight is 50

  • If you do not want the show the data below the barcode , make showHRI as false .Default value is true.

  • You can also change the back ground color and color of the bars using bgColor and color respectively .They take hex color codes as input. Default value for bgColor is #FFFFFF and color is #000000

  • You can change the fontsize of the printed data below barcode using fontSize .Default value of fontsize is 10.

  • You can specify the type of barcode you want to generate using the type param .The default value is code128.As of now values supported for type are one of code128, ean13,ean8,code39,upc